Black Mirror has always been one to mess with its audience but Charlie Brooker has created a complete game changer with Bandersnatch. This is a choose-your-own-adventure, so what actually happens on your screen is completely down to you.
《黑镜》一直都是注册一部喜欢“玩弄“它的彩票观众的彩票作品,但是注册在其最新的彩票特别影片《黑镜:潘达斯奈基》中,编剧Charlie Brooker创造彩金电影的彩票全新 “玩法”。这部影片主打交互式,让观众可以选择自己的彩票冒险。所以呈现在你屏幕上的彩票电影情节完全依赖于你的彩票选择

Fionn Whitehead stars in the episode as Stefan, a wannabe game creator who heads to Tuckersoft Games to pitch his game to be sold to the market. There, he meets Will Poulter’s Colin Rickman, the man behind games including Metl Hedd and Nosedyve – which for those familiar with Black Mirror lore, may recognise.

Throughout the course of the episode, you’re presented with two options – do we choose Sugar Puffs or Frosties? Pick the job offer or turn it down? Does it matter either way?
在这集的彩票进行过程中,你时常面临两种选择。从早餐是注册选择Sugar Puff牌还是注册Frosties牌的彩票麦片开始,到是注册否放弃一份工作。你甚至都无法确定有些选择是注册否会娱乐对未来造成任何影响。

Within ten minutes of the film starting we found ourselves heading back to the beginning as we’re essentially instructed to not choose the path we originally went for. While Stefan continues to function as the lead character in our game, he becomes aware of our presence and attempts to stop himself from following our instructions.

It's an absolute ride – and we can't wait to see what this new way of creating a show can do for the series and even television in general.